Cut & Design for 2

Appointments must be booked on the same day at the same times , one after another or at the same time with seperate stylist. Offer is subject to change at any time, offer may not be accepted on a Saturday due to premium appointment time, when booking please ask. 




Colour Sale Wednesday  Text offer 07886616739

Hi- Lite Offer

Price is for bleach only, extra colour is charged at £10.00 per colour, excludes toners (£20.00) and colour treatment £15.00, the colour treatment we use is SILAPLEX.

SILAPLEX is added to the colour to keep the hair healthy and maintain strength, proteins & moistures needed to keep hair looking & feeling good. 

To find out more please click the SILAPLEX button

Colour offer is for Wednesdays only, you can only make an appointment for these services via TEXT. A 24 hour patch test is required before any service is carried out. After your patch test has been done a appointment can be made on your salon visit. For longer lasting colour we recommend having SILAPLEX in with your colour, please see the link above for details of this product, the benefits far out weigh the cost....



Offer is for text appointments only, offer is for Wednesdays only. Offer is only available when having a full price Cut & Finish . Available in December at salons discretion. 



Sneaky offer 

If you have an appointment already you cannot cancel that appointment then re-book using this offer.