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It gives me great pleasure to be Fleetlands Academies main sponsor for the 20/21 season. Coaching football is passion and I love it, being able to provide a educational structured safe coaching environment for children to start their footballing journey at a football club with strong  family vales is very important. 

If your child is playing football and looking for additional coaching then Fleetlands ITC is a perfect place to learn their ABC's.

If your child is looking to play at a more higher level then the Academy could be the next stop for them, we have teams in the HPL for the 20/21 season, Fleetlands are pushing the boundries when it comes to investing in the youth follow Fleetlands & Steve Ellis Hairdressing on social media to keep up to date with all that is happening . 

All players, board members & families associated with Fleetlands will get 20% discount on their hair service throughout the 20/21 Season. Price reduction comes from the normal price menu.

To check out what is happening at Fleetlands Football Club please visit


Discount is not given on new client offers, or any other offers, discount is subject to change and restriction. 

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